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Iceland on a Budget

  • You might want to consider skipping the Golden Circle. It can be very crowded during Peak season and feels more like an attraction. You will find much equally (or more) beautiful places elsewhere in Iceland.
  • You might want to pick out one or two areas and discover them intensively.
  • If you stay in Keflavik and arrive after Public Transport hours at the airport, call a taxi +354 420 1212 (approx. 3.500 ISK)
  • Domestic Flights can be cheaper and shorter than Public Busses. Check Icelandair or Norlandair for offers.
  • Google *discount codes iceland car rental* for up to 20% discount
  • EU citizens are allowed to import up to 10kg of food valued at 25.000 ISK
  • This includes meat and diary products.
  • Use this allowance to take with you food that will be much more expensive than in your country of departure
  • The Top Spas in Iceland are The Blue Lagoon, The Sky Lagoon, Hvammsvik Hot Springs, The Secret Lagoon, The Fontana Spa, The Forest Lagoon, The Myvatn Nature Baths, Krauma Spa, The GeoSea Baths and The Vok Baths.
  • There the entrance fees are high, the places crowded and not necessarily especially hot.
  • Alternatively you might want to have a local experience and visit the public swimming pools (Sundlaugar).
  • They usually feature a Sauna, a Steam Bath and thermally heated pools at a fraction of the Spa Entrance fees.
  • Or you try one of the many freely accessible Hot Springs around Iceland.
  • You might want to eat at Restaurants only to try some special meals. Often the menu offers international cuisine you might get cheaper at home.
  • Buy groceries at the Supermarkets and cook by yourself
  • I recommend to buy the Rosemarin marinated Lamb Slices from Bonus and do a BBQ for a local food experience.
  • The ready to make lamb soup at Bónus is supposed to be tasty as well and one of Icelands staples.
  • Supermarkets occasionally feature free microwave access outside of Reykjavik (Kronan in Vík and Nettó in Höfn for sure).
  • Especially during Peak Season demand exceeds supply for accommodation in Iceland.
  • Hence owners have few incentive to reduce prices.
  • You might want to book well in advance during peak season.
  • Last minute and walk-ins might proof expensive or impossible due to fully booked accommodations.

Helpful Websites



Iceland Revenue & Customs

Information on Import Allowances and Restrictions


Safe Travel Information

Official Website of the Iceland Rescue Service

Traffic Info

Road Access & Conditions

Up to date information on Road conditions



Public Transportation

Official Website for Route Planning and Pricing of Public Transportation

Strætó Airport Bus

Public Transportation

Public Bus 55 connects Keflavik Airport with Reykjavik

GSM Bensin​

Gasoline Prices

Overview of gasoline prices sorted by cheapest per region


Car Pooling

Find Car Sharing opportunities

Reyjavik Excursions

Iceland Hop-On Hop-Off Bus

Bus for individual Travellers to Destinations not covered by Public Bus


Domestic Flights

Domestic Airlines for flying to smaller places in Iceland


HI Hostels


Booking site for HI Hostels all around Iceland

Camping Card​

Camping Site Access

Pass to access a selection of camping sites for 179€ / 28 days



Grocery Prices

Online Pricelist for Groceries. Though Bónus or Krónan might be cheaper.

Visitor's Guide

Discount Coupons

Discount Codes for Activities and Restaurants all over Iceland

Visitor's Guide

Happy Hours

Overview of Happy Hour Offers in Bars around Reykjavik



Public Swimming Pools

Overview of all public swimming pools in Iceland



Calender for Events and Happenings in Iceland


Northern Lights Forecast

Information and Map where to sea the Northern Lights

Mobile Apps

(Get the overview for general travel apps here.)



Parka lets you pay for parking in various destinations with location finder. This way there is no need to use the machines.


Reykjavik Public Transportation

With Klappið you can plan your journey and  buy transportation tickets for Reykjavik city area.

Official Tourism Boards

Official Discovery Routes

Grocery Prices in Iceland

Prices at Bónus supermarket valid as of 06/07/2024 – variations may occur between locations

Applesfresh1kg3192.14 €$2.32
Avocadofresh1kg11988.03 €$8.71
Beans - Baked Beanscan0.4kg1290.87 €$0.94
Beans - Red Beanscan0.4kg1491.00 €$1.08
Bondi (IPA 0%)can0.33liter2901.94 €$2.11
Bread - Ryebreadpacked0.27kg2871.92 €$2.09
Bread - Sandwich Toastpacked0.5kg2591.74 €$1.88
Bread - Wholeweat Toastpacked0.385kg3392.27 €$2.46
Butterpacked0.5kg4252.85 €$3.09
Butter Chicken Sauceglas0.45kg3582.40 €$2.60
Chickpeascan0.4kg1390.93 €$1.01
Coconut Milkcan0.4liter1691.13 €$1.23
Corncan0.42kg2891.94 €$2.10
Crackerspacked0.2kg1350.91 €$0.98
Crackers - TUCpacked0.1kg1851.24 €$1.34
Eggsfresh12pcs6794.55 €$4.94
Flour - Wheatpacked2kg2971.99 €$2.16
Flour - Wholeweatpacked2kg3952.65 €$2.87
Green Cucumberfresh0.2kg4493.01 €$3.26
Green Peascan0.42kg2351.58 €$1.71
Hazelnut Spreadglas0.6kg4893.28 €$3.55
Icelandic Flatbreadpacked0.17kg1821.22 €$1.32
Instant Noodlespacked0.085kg550.37 €$0.40
Instant Pasta Cupspacked0.07kg2091.40 €$1.52
Jam - Blueberryglas0.4kg3592.41 €$2.61
Jam - Cherryglas0.4kg3092.07 €$2.25
Jam - Orangesglas0.4kg3092.07 €$2.25
Jam - Strawberryglas0.4kg3352.25 €$2.44
Korma Sauceglas0.45kg3582.40 €$2.60
Lasagne Kitpacked0.27kg4493.01 €$3.26
Magarinepacked0.3kg2591.74 €$1.88
Marinated Lamb Slicespacked1kg368924.74 €$26.82
Milkpacked1liter2531.70 €$1.84
Mushroomsfresh0.35kg4593.08 €$3.34
Muslipacked1kg5793.88 €$4.21
Oatmealpacked1kg2381.60 €$1.73
Onionsfresh1kg2381.60 €$1.73
Orangesfresh1kg2791.87 €$2.03
Papryka - Redfresh1kg6974.67 €$5.07
Passatapacked0.5kg1591.07 €$1.16
Pasta - Fussilipacked1kg3592.41 €$2.61
Pasta - Pennepacked1kg3592.41 €$2.61
Pasta - Spaghettipacked1kg3982.67 €$2.89
Peach Halvescan0.82kg3292.21 €$2.39
Peanut Butterglas0.42kg4693.14 €$3.41
Pearsfresh1kg4352.92 €$3.16
Pesto - Greenglas0.19kg2191.47 €$1.59
Pesto - Redglas0.19kg2191.47 €$1.59
Pineapplecan0.567kg1981.33 €$1.44
Potatoesfresh2kg6194.15 €$4.50
Ricepacked1kg2982.00 €$2.17
Rice - Basmatipacked1kg5393.61 €$3.92
Rice - Jasminepacked2kg6894.62 €$5.01
Skyrpacked1kg5974.00 €$4.34
Sliced Cheesepacked0.5kg13989.37 €$10.16
Sliced Mushroomscan0.4kg1981.33 €$1.44
Strawberriescan0.82kg3592.41 €$2.61
Sunflower Oilpacked1.2liter6194.15 €$4.50
Sweet Sour Sauceglas0.52kg2982.00 €$2.17
Tikka Masala Sauceglas0.45kg3582.40 €$2.60
Tomatoesfresh1kg4392.94 €$3.19
Tomatoes - choppedcan0.6kg1350.91 €$0.98
Tomatoes - Peeledcan0.4kg1350.91 €$0.98
Tunacan0.185kg2391.60 €$1.74

Books For Reading

About Iceland

The Little Book of Tourists in Iceland
Sigmundsdóttir, Alda (2017) – Good Reads

How Iceland Changed The World

Bjarnason, Egill (2021) – Good Reads


(All files are available for download in .kml format. Read how to upload them to a map application here.)











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