Game Elements

Game Board

Travel around freely and expand your geographical knowledge about Russia

Dimensions: 820 mm x 210 mm / folds smaller than an A4 page

Real-Life Geographical Scale of 1 : 195 km

Coordinate Network Overlay to easily find Destinations

82 Destinations (Cities, Settlements, Natural Areas, Regions)

151 Transportation Connections for unlimited replay ability

Includes Russia’s Rivers, Lakes, Mountain Ranges and the Arctic Circle

100% Existing Railway Network Connections

Includes the Trans-Siberian Railway and Baikal Amur Mainline

Depiction of Federal Objects, Borders, Neighbouring Countries and Surrounding Seas

Double Sided (Front: English or German / Back: Russian)

Space for all Game Elements on the board (except the Player’s Hand)

Playing Cards

(Dimensions: 76,2 mm x 50,8 mm)


General and helpful information as well as funny insights on places in Russia

Cyrillic Transcription for your first steps with Russian Language

Representative Landmark Image, viewed through a train window

Unofficial Title (50% of all Destinations)

Interesting and surprising, yet educational description
Type of Destination (City, Settlement, Nature, Region)

Size (Inhabitants or Area)

Year of Foundation

Honorary Title (if applicable)

Unesco Heritage (if applicable)

Access Restrictions (if applicable)


Insights on cultural and natural highlights of Russia‚Äč

7 of the most popular Tourist Routes to start the game

78 adventurous Discoveries to 77 Destinations

Selected from more than 15 areas of interest

Natural, cultural and structural highlights

Actual naming in relation to the Destination

Positive / negative scoring depending on fulfillment by game end

Design inspired by the marble plate at Vladivostok’s train station depicting the Trans-Siberian Railway route

Travel Experiences

Familiarize yourself with the challenges of Travelling

100+ situations from real-life Travelling in Russia and general

Encounters with locals, the culture and travellers

Helpful Travel Tips and dangers to watch out for

Personal emotions and revelations during Travelling

Information about travel-related legal situations

Reference to helpful Travel Skills for better experiencing

Dependent on the chosen method of transportation

Immediate effect (+/-) on scoring, Transportation Tickets and further turn-taking

Design inspired by a vintage postcard

Travel Skills

Essential equipment and knowledge for better Travelling

21 different Skills taken from eight areas of real-life Travelling

Packing list as well as tips and tricks for travel preparation and execution to stay out of trouble

Cards are split into permanent Skills and one-time actions

Permanent Skills correlate directly to possible Travel Experiences

One-time actions for personal advancement over other players

Design inspired by the Fifa World Cup 2018 Fan ID

Transportation Tickets

Authentic travel methods, available in Russia

5 different Transportation methods

Train, Hitchhiking and Marshrutka (Minibus) as standard

Airplane, Zarengold and Helicopter as joker (use at extra costs)

“Border Control” icon to re-enter Russia from outside Destinations

“Legendary”, current and historic vehicle drawings

  • Train: “L” – Pobeda Steam Locomotive
  • Marshrutka: “Gazelle”
  • Airplane: Sukhoi Superjet 100
  • Helicopter: MiL Mi-8

Design inspired by a vintage train ticket

(Final designs subject to changes)

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